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Here are a few examples of the safety products we can provide. Please contact us today to discuss your product needs.



3M is there for you with all the respiratory solutions for your toughest safety challenges. We serve as a beacon to those who aspire to make a profound, positive, and lasting impact on workplace safety. 3M is at the forefront of product innovation for personal protection equipment solutions. 3M safety solutions give you the confidence and power to help you protect your world.



North Respiratory Protection has been proven to help protect workers from life-threatening hazards ranging from gases and vapors to airborne particulates and pathogens. Our products perform reliably and efficiently every day for workers on job sites, factory floors, pipelines, or platforms to firefighters and medical personnel. We offer the following range of products to the highest quality standards: disposable respirators; limited-use respirators; reusable air-purifying respirators; powered air-purifying respirators, SCBAs and supplied air systems.



Scott Safety is a world leader in the design,manufacture and sale of high performance respiratory protection products and other protective solutions for the fire services, petroleum, chemical, construction,industrial and emergency services.Founded in 1932 by Earl M, Scott, Scott Safety started as an aviation components manufacturer based out Mr.Scott’s garage in Lancaster, New York. Today, more than 80 years later, Scott Safety continues to be a leader in innovation with more than 34 products developed in the last five years.



There’s a reason MSA is known worldwide as “The Safety Company.” It’s because we harness precision engineering to craft the highest-quality safety products possible so people across the world are able to work in the safest environments possible. Put simply, safety is our mission. We believe that designing and building the best safety solutions means we must look beyond the bottom line. For starters, we invest more resources in safety research and engineering than any other company in our industry. Because we realize that our gear plays a crucial role for workers across the world. We know that the FireHawk® M7 Air Mask isn’t just another tool – it’s often the life-saving barrier between a firefighter and a scorching cloud of toxic fumes. And a Gravity® Harness is much more than a collection of straps and buckles – it may well save a construction worker from a deadly fall.



Used in industry, fire fighting, confined space, painting, welding, pest control, agricultural workers, fumigation, etc. We offer the full line of Survivair® Air Purifying Respirators, Supplied Air Respirators, and Powered Air Purifying Respirators; as well as disposable masks, mouth-bit respirators and replacement cartridges & filters.


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